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Today, our production activity surface is 18.000 m2 and these large and well-lighted spaces play host to ultra-modern production lines .

The purpose is to create the special qualities that represent the material: flexibility, breatheability, durability. The softness, colour and shine are the result of skilful processing. The decision to invest consistently in new technology is one of the key elements in OZ-YUKSEL Leather Company.

Our main challenge as a Company is that our products have to be recognized worldwide throughout our Logo. We have set up our brand in all Turkey, reaching a higher International position and, with our effort, together with our high qualified staff and our latest generation technology, we want to obtain a well deserved success.

All production occurs in our own tannery. We use only the finest raw waterials generally of local and process flows on ultra-modern production line.
We have established long-term relationships with our suppliers who are based in Turkey. All the raw material we use has to meet our stringent technical specifications.

We select and evaluate the material at several stages during the process:
• on arrival
• after re-tanning
• before dyeing
• in the finished condition.

Our objectives are always the same to check that the specifications in the process have been achieved up to that point, to check that the specifications later in the process are likely to be achieved, and to sort for best use. Records are kept at each stage.

We offer an extensive assortment of products in a broad selection of colours and finishes. According to this our monthly capacity is 450.000 SQF.

The strategic decision of the election to implement a Quality Management System within the frame of Norms ISO 9001:2000 , is sustained in which it allows us to reach the satisfaction objectives of our customers and to improve the processes that elaborates our products and our continuous services. To achieve quality, we must work at it by understanding our processes, the work we do every day and improve them continually

Some photos of our factory


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